Halley was born in the Haggerston town in Shoreditch, England. Halley remarks that the value for the obliquity used by Brahe is 2 1 2 [sc.

He was the second English astronomer next to John Flamsteed. In 1673, he enrolled at Oxford Queen’s College. Edmond Halley is a prominent English astronomer, mathematician, physicist and meteorologist. He was the son of Edmond Halley Sr. who was a very successful soap-maker in London. As a young child, Edmund was interested in math and began his education at St Paul’s School, London.

Edmund Halley was born in England on November 8, 1656. Halley became famous for the “Halley’s Comet” observation. arcmin] larger than in Halley’s time.

Edmond (or Edmund) Halley's father was also called Edmond (or Edmund) Halley.He came from a Derbyshire family and was a wealthy soap-maker in London at a time when the use of soap was spreading throughout Europe. The son of a wealthy merchant, Edmond Halley was attracted to astronomy after seeing two comets as a child. Answer: Only 3 of the 9 planets in our solar system have official "discoverers" and "times of discovery". StarChild Question of the Month for December 1999 Question: When were each of the planets first discovered and who did it? The reason is simple - all of the … That was the year that a particularly bright comet was seen in … His father, Edmond Halley Sr., came from a wealthy family of soap makers in London. Halley is best remembered for his discovery of, what is now called, ‘Halley’s Comet’. Because it was the first comet that was predicted to be “periodic”, meaning one that kept coming back to the Sun, over and over again, and that prediction proved to be correct. After much deliberation, he concluded that the comet of 1682 had earlier appeared in 1531 and 1607 and then going further back, he declared that the same comet had also appeared in 1305, 1380, and 1456. There is some confusion over both the date and year of Halley's birth.

In 1680, after establishing himself as a brainy, eager researcher, Halley began to acquire an intense interest in comets. His family was originally from Derbyshire. That major comet pioneer turned out to be English astronomer Edmond Halley, who was born near London in 1656. Halley, Edmond (1656-1743) English astronomer.

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