Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and traditionally rules both Taurus and Libra.

Women with Venus in Taurus are usually beautiful and attractive to men. Mars in Taurus: curves, sturdy, well-built body, thick or strong neck, curly hair, “Taurean” features and appearance, slow, deliberate, sensuous, sinuous movements and walk, very strong when provoked, but generally slower reflexes, tendency to gain weight, soft, deep or sensuous voice. For example, the presence of Venus in the first house gives the individual a very attractive, beautiful and charming personality. Taurus sign is ruled by planet Venus, and Taurus Venus give proportioned body curly hair, lovely big eyes, charming and sensual appearance. They will put a lot of effort into their style, fashion, skin care, and makeup. These traits can also be seen in the other fixed signs: LEO, SCORPIO and AQUARIUS. Venus In First House Physical Appearance The sign occupying the first house will dictate primarily what physical attributes the individual is likely to possess. If you’re in a relationship, it might be wise to stop by the gym (and use the sauna!) This zodiac star sign is also known for its steadfast and plodding manner.

Since the features of fixed signs are often cubical, most of the celebrities here display the bovine physical appearance of “the …
When it’s finally time to do the deed, a “California King” (yours, preferably) is the ideal place for the scene to unfold. on your way home from work, so you can burn off the stress of the day before coming home to bae. These women often have issues with their weight and are often on some dietary regimes trying to lose it. If your ascendant is in Libra, it gifts a beautiful appearance. Discover its physical appearance, its personality, its loves, its hobbies, its work, its astrological characteristics as well as the famous people born with the Sun in Taurus or having a Taurus dominant.
Venus in Taurus is in its place when it is in the sign of Taurus, and has full power. The relationship with the partner will be loving, stable, and peaceful, and the partner kind of sensual, homey, practical, and friendly nature. The Taurus Venus despises any change or even the appearance of change in their relationships.

Physical appearance and House. Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign in the Zodiac. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE OF TAURUS RISING: Taurus rising natives are generally shorter in stature to middle height. Venus trine Moon is not beauty, per se, but charm out the whazoo. Taurus female illustrates specific characteristics as lovely, self-sufficient and is the builder of their own fate. The bodily structure is typically thick, stocky and "squarish," with a large trunk and comparatively short limbs. 1.

If your ascendant is in Taurus, it will again give a beautiful appearance, especially a lovely face, as well as the desire to gain material goods for comfort.

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