The number of dwarf planets in the Solar System is unknown, as determining whether a potential body is a dwarf planet requires close observation.

Ceres has only been visited by 1 spaceraft - Dawn - … Click here for an interesting article on the discovery of Ceres. A giant, unknown planet might exist in our outer solar system Science.

[Meet Our Solar System's Dwarf Planets] Two or more unknown planets could exist beyond the orbit of Pluto in our solar system, new research suggests. Planet Name: Planet Type: Segmentum: Notes: Sources: Abandoned Hope: Forbidden World: Obscurus: A world cut off by the Inquisition; all access is denied. NASA/JPL-Caltech As with all dwarf planets, it is invisible to the naked eye and was not known to the ancients. The largest dwarf planet in the solar system is Pluto followed by Eris, Makemake, Haumea, with the smallest being Ceres. 'This result came as a real surprise,' says scientist A rock at the far reaches of our solar system might actually be a "dwarf planet", scientists have The order of the dwarf planets from closest to Sun outwards is Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, with Eris being the furthest from the Sun.

According to the International Astronomical Union (IAU), there are 8 planets and 5 officially recognized dwarf planets in our solar system. List of Planets and Dwarf Planets in our Solar System. These 8 planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Piazzi named the planet after the goddess Ceres (Roman goddess of agriculture). The half-dozen largest candidates have at least one known moon, allowing determination of their masses.

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