See it here. Now, a team based in Hawaii has come up with a new technique that maps the Universe according to the flow of galaxies across space. The Local Supercluster or Local SCl; also called Laniakea Supercluster (Laniakea, Hawaiian for open skies or immense heaven) is the galaxy supercluster that is home to the Milky Way and approximately 100,000 other nearby galaxies. The above map shows how galaxies tend to cluster into groups, the largest nearby cluster is the Virgo cluster a concentration of several hundred galaxies which dominates the galaxy groups around it. Collectively, all of these groups of galaxies are known as the Virgo Supercluster. A new map of a giant group of galaxies known as the Laniakea Supercluster is giving scientists a revealing glimpse of our Milky Way galaxy's home in the universe. The map above shows many of these superclusters including the Virgo supercluster - the minor supercluster of which our galaxy is just a minor member. It spans more than 500 million light-years and contains more then 100,000 galaxies. A supercluster is a large group of smaller galaxy clusters or galaxy groups; it is among the … Superclusters – regions of space that are densely packed with galaxies – are the biggest structures in the Universe. But scientists have struggled to define exactly where one supercluster ends and another begins. The entire map is approximately 7 percent of the diameter of the entire visible Universe. This is the most detailed map of our universe.

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