But there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A tsunami in the South Pacific this week has killed up to 150 people. More recently, a tsunami warning system was created in the Indian Ocean.

Authorities notifies coastal … High maintenance cost. Registration and on-going membership to CWarn is … In fact, Japan is probably even better prepared for a tsunami than the US is. To verify the existence of a tsunami, the Mediterranean system uses coastal tide gauges.

… DISADVANTAGES OF TSUNAMI WARNING SYSTEM Expensive equipments. Aparently they test it daily.

ADVANTAGES OF TSUNAMI WARNING SYSTEM Deep water pressure produce low false reading. Multiple sensor can detect wave propagation. Like the Indian Ocean tsunami warning system, five nations (France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Turkey) will provide regional tsunami warning services to subscribing nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

The small tools that are found by engineers and other professionals are also hugely useful for caution and safety.

DISADVANTAGES OF TSUNAMI WARNING SYSTEM Expensive equipments. Tsunami warning system is not simply sensors. Even with the best warning systems and evacuation plans, there are simply too many people in harm's way. Require multiple communication link: SONAR. High maintenance cost. After two tsunamis left thousands dead in Indonesia last year, various initiatives have come up that seek to strengthen the tsunami warning systems. In Southeast Asia alone, more than ten million people live within a mile of the coast. Good advance warning system. Whether it is an advantage or disadvantage depends on the value you place on the human lives that would be saved. Notification to authorities.

Tsunami warning systems are much more complicated even than tsunamis themselves, because people and instruments are also involved. These are also discussed below. Visiting Researcher Program FY2014B 2 | P a g e Disclaimer This report was compiled by an ADRC visiting researcher (VR) from ADRC member countries. Authorities … The advantage is that you can save a lot of lives with some warning of an impending tsunami. The Pacific-wide tsunami warning system took advantage of the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean and international cooperation among affected nations to create an ‘if you detect a tsunami, alert everyone’ approach .

The disadvantage is that you can save a lot of lives with some warning of an impending tsunami. The tsunami warning systems are one among the needed significant gadgets and technologies that allow people to be cautious and warn before the calamity strikes. However, most tsunamis are localized and the early warning would only be about 4 minutes, if you're lucky. In other basins, a tsunami warning may precede various hours before the The biggest advantage of this Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System is that, it has always been in operation in the Indian Ocean. Around the Mediterranean basin many locations are exposed to near‐field tsunamis (distance to source up to 400km). Earth 4 January 2005 By Will Knight. The views expressed in the report do not necessarily reflect the views of the ADRC. Tsunami Early Warning System in Japan Fathmath Shaushan Moosa Senior Administrative officer National Disaster Management Centre, Rep of Maldives . The CWarn Tsunami Early Warning System affords you a line of protection against the threat of tsunamis not offered by traditional warning methods. Require multiple communication link: SONAR. Six tsunami warning systems exist worldwide: French, Russian, Japanese, Hawaiian, Aleutian, and Pacific. Some technically ahead countries have readily fixed big systems for detecting tsunami beforehand. tsunami early warning system. The Tsunami Phenomenon Like ancient Gaul, the tsunami phenomenon can be said to be divided into three parts. Regional and ocean-wide tsunami warnings are crucial for saving lives in areas at some distance from the earthquake that caused them.

The disadvantage is that you can save a lot of lives with some warning of an impending tsunami.

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