Space Ghost aka Thaddeus Bach was a married man and an officer of the Commandment, an interstellar police force.
Bach met Salomon and was reborn with a righteous purpose. Bach was recruited to join the Eidolon Eight to fight and destroy evil. The episode featured a team-up between Space Ghost and Batman , as well as the return of the Creature King . He discovered they were lawless vigilantes and tried to sever ties. After being … They killed his family and left him for dead on a lifeless planet. Batman Meets Space Ghost in "Brave and the Bold" by Arya Ponto In my reviews of Batman: The Brave and the Bold ( here and here ), I'd noted that while the show is aimed at younger audiences, it is also aimed straight at the hearts of older fans—and I mean older —who are fanboys of the Silver Age era of swashbuckling Batman.
The Space Safari was a special five-minute segment of the TV series Batman: The Brave and the Bold which was made in the style of an episode of the original Space Ghost cartoon.

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