Saturn V was an American human-rated super heavy-lift launch vehicle used by NASA between 1967 and 1973. The Saturn V launch vehicle itselft consisted of three stages: First Stage (S-IC): The first stage includes the five F-1 engines producing nearly 7.7 million pounds of thrust. Second stage — ejecting whatever was expendable to focus remaining valuable resources on what was important. The McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company provided the Saturn V's third stage. After the first stage was discarded, the second stage burned for approximately 6 minutes taking the vehicle and payload to 115 miles altitude. When loaded, 97% of the weight of the stage was propellant. These powerful engines are required to lift the heavy rocket fast enough to escape Earth's gravity. At Redstone Arsenal MSFC successfully static fired the second S-IC stage (S-IC-2) of the flight Saturn V launch vehicle for 126.3 seconds and recorded 1,200 measurements of the stage's performance. Built by the Douglas Aircraft Company, it had one J-2 rocket engine. The second stage, powered by five J-2 engines that burned liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, was provided by the Rockwell International Corporation. Broadly speaking, three things happened with the Saturn V and its payload during an Apollo mission. Command Module — precisely navigating to the destination. The second stage was also discarded. The second stage (S-II), built by North American Aviation at Seal Beach, California, used liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. Saturn V's second stage, powered by five J-2 engines, was fueled by 80,000 gallons of liquid oxygen and 260,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen and burned for 6 minutes after the first stage …
The Saturn V Second Stage contained five J-2 engines. It had five J-2 engines in a similar arrangement to the S-IC and accelerated the Saturn V through the upper atmosphere. The Saturn V Second Stage contained five J-2 engines. 3.

The Saturn V Second Stage contained five J-2 engines. 1. After the first stage was discarded, the second stage burned for approximately 6 minutes taking the vehicle and payload to 115 miles altitude. The second stage was also discarded. The Saturn V was a three-stage rocket.

2. It launched in the spring of 1973. The second stage performed for 6-112 minutes, reaching a height of 115 statute miles, 935 miles downrange, and a speed of 15,500 miles-per-hour in … After the first stage was discarded, the second stage burned for approximately 6 minutes taking the vehicle and payload to 115 miles altitude. The first and second stages of the Saturn V fell back to Earth once they were spent. Launch — building momentum very slowly. The three-stage liquid-propellant expendable rocket was developed to support the Apollo program for human exploration of the Moon and was later … The second stage was also discarded. The 33,000-pound Saturn V upper stage, 59 feet long and 21.5 feet in diameter, was the second to arrive at the Douglas test site. The third stage, known as the S-IVB, was just under 60 feet (18 meters) in length and, once released, temporarily orbited Earth along with the Apollo spacecraft before being reignited to send its hardware into lunar orbit. The S-IVB was the third stage on the Saturn V and second stage on the Saturn IB launch vehicles. The Saturn C-3 was the primary launch vehicle for Earth orbit rendezvous. The booster consisted of a first stage containing two Saturn V F-1 engines, a second stage containing four powerful J-2 engines, and the S-IV stage from a Saturn I booster.
For lunar missions it was fired twice: first for Earth orbit insertion after second stage cutoff, and then for translunar injection (TLI).

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