Vladimir Putin has opened a bridge between the Russian mainland and Crimea, tightening Russia’s hold over the contested peninsula, which Moscow annexed from … …

A bridge crumbled away just yards ahead of a moving car leaving the vehicle trapped in a hole.

CCTV footage of the collapse … The driver miraculously got away unscathed in the incident in Primorye, Russia… Thirteen people were injured when a wooden pedestrian bridge collapsed during New Year's celebrations early on January 1 in Moscow's Gorky Park.

New Year's in Russia: A bridge over the Gorky Park skating rink collapses as the national anthem plays, injuring 13. Karina Bertnikova was on her way to Primorye, Russia, when a bridge collapsed. The shocking video shows the packed bridge in Gorky Park collapsing under t…

The falling bridge, which connected two parts of the far east town of Svobodny in … Police rope it off & people keep skating.

A driver of a dump truck that tried to cross a road bridge connecting the two parts of the Svobodny town in Amur Oblast, Russia has been injured after the bridge collapsed on October 9. The tally of those hurt in the incident later rose to 13. The terrifying moment was captured by a dash camera in her car.

According to Orenburg Media, two sections of the viaduct collapsed. ... Bridge collapse in Moscow's Gorky Park sends New Year revelers tumbling down (VIDEO) 1 Jan, 2019 00:44 . Thirteen people were injured when a wooden pedestrian bridge collapsed during New Year's celebrations early on January 1 in Moscow's Gorky Park. THIS is the Terrifying moment a Moscow bridge collapses, leaving 13 New Year’s revellers injured moments into 2019.

"Five people received injuries of varying degrees of severity," the source said. A decades old Russian bridge collapsed on the main track of the Trans Siberian Railway on Tuesday morning.

It will take a month to repair the damage and install a new section. … In that respect, at least, it turned out more fortunate than a bridge collapse in the same region back in 2018, when a woman and a child in a passenger car were crushed by a heavy truck. Emergency services are currently forming an operational headquarters. “Russian dashcams totally deserve an ‘Oscar’ nomination,” wrote one Twitter user, who posted the video of the calamity. Russian Emergency Situations Ministry / TASS A decades-old bridge has collapsed onto Russia’s famous Trans-Siberian Railway, injuring a truck driver and halting traffic in a …

The driver miraculously got away unscathed in the … This is a list of structural failures and collapses, including some aircraft, bridges, dams, and … The ship had been going its maximum speed, about 16 mph. A bridge crumbled away just yards ahead of a moving car leaving the vehicle trapped in a hole. A freight train passing at the time was taken down as the bridge collapsed, and the ship was heavily damaged (but later repaired). In early October, the driver of an overloaded truck was injured after a bridge collapsed in the Far East region of Primorye. A video showing a wooden bridge over a skating rink in Moscow's most popular park splitting in two and sending people flying has emerged online.

The incident took place in the middle of the capital's New Year celebrations. The blunder means work has been halted on the controversial Kerch railway bridge.

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