We conduct and provide more than 36 educational classes each week in which we teach TORAH, Hebrew Grammar, Prayer and other religious practice issues. Online store.

Members only. You will need to first attend a one and half year online course in Karaite Jewish Studies at the Karaite Jewish University. About Karaite Judaism.

FAQs. He dealt with the tradition that developed, to refuse to accept Karaite converts into (or back into) Judaism.
He started studying Torah in his late thirties and converted to Karaite Judaism in 2007 with his family. We are glad that you found your way to our homepage.

You are becoming the sons and daughters of out patriarchs Avraham, Yitzach and Yaaqov. Yes it is. More. No reformed Judaism is recognized and no conservative Judaism is recognized, but both will gladly take money for a conversion class that in the end has no power to help you immigrate to Israel in anyway whatsoever …..and unless you have recognized proof of lineage no karaite agencies that I know of can help anyone in anyway via a conversion.

Karaite Judaism rejects later additions to the Tanach (Jewish Bible) such as the Rabbinic Oral Law and places the ultimate responsibility of interpreting the Bible on each individual. We are to "Choose life" and "Keep his Commandments".

It is a minimum of 1 year course of study that introduces participants to central Jewish beliefs, practices and texts as well as to the history of the Jewish people. We currently have 11 Karaite centers located throughout the State of Israel, in which we provide services of prayer and education to teach our people the basics of Karaite Judaism according to Torah. Conversions Choosing Karaite Judaism means not just accepting a religion but attaining a people-hood. After successful completion, you will need to join us for a Shabbaton in Daly City, San Francisco USA. At that time (several years ago), the Karaite position was that any Jew from any movement can become a karaite without conversion.

Blog. Gabbai Yohanan Zaqantov encountered Karaite Judaism in 1999. What is this homepage all about?

Our community is based in Switzerland with a branch in the Czech Republic.. We are affiliated with "Universal Karaites in Israel" and "Karaite Jews of America". Karaite Jewish University - KJU has received the permission of the Moeseth Hakhamim (Council of Sages), to teach an Introduction to Judaism course. The rabbis of Istanbul wrote to R. Uzziel on the seventh of Adar 5709 (1949), to find out if he agreed that the establishment of the State of Israel created room to accept Karaites …

He has a MBA and is a professional Project Manager. I would like to convert to Karaite Judaism. Welcome - ברוכים הבאים .

Of course, Karaites and Rabbanites historically differed on what made someone Jewish (Matrilineal v. Patrilineal).

The program is given over the internet and is self-paced. This is the official homepage for Karaite Jews living in Europe. About Karaite Judaism Click here to read the Blue Thread blog, "A Jewish blog with a thread of Karaite throughout."

This course may lead to a conversion conducted by the KJA Beth Din that is appointed by the Moeseth Hakhamim.

The Karaite Jewish University enables students to prepare for the formal process of conversion to Judaism with our Learning Modules.

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