Ranked 1st in "BEST GAME by Host's choice" of the "Scream Season" jam of 2018. I like the idea, it seems others do too, but it's far from being something really good.

Reddit. Twitter.
A Jedi vs Sith fighting game made in Pico-8.

As the New Year is approaches and the air thickens with Christmas spirit. Nighttime Visitor was made in a few weeks. "Wanna sprite cranberry?"

And it's your job to inspect souls and decide their fate. View all by Daniel ... Want to play the REAL Pony Island? -It's really quite simple, as far as jobs go. This is a simple lite version of PC game Cartoon Strike. totallyglitching 14 days ago. now i just want to beat it on hardmode (i already see my 999 deaths at the last phase) also the music and the intro are great :) In the Afterlife, there's a good place, and there's a bad place. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. A Fun, Windows98-esq Freeroam Painter. thats the kind of game i like. Aground is set to $15USD on all storefronts, but some stores (like Steam) enable regional pricing by default. You can push your wiennemy out of the grill and win, or push him into the flames ! Still continuing our journey to chapter 5.

Play in browser. I wouldn't exactly call the new game a "remake", I think it would fall into "reimagining" territory.

a quick boss battle with a grain of bullet hell. A Side-scrolling Space Shooter made in TIC-80. -Souls are sent into your office. Play with your friends … Oh yes, this one was tough. GameFlare.com.

i like the game, when i heard the EAS sound from siren head i freaked out. -Review their documents, make sure everything's in order, and sent them on their way to the good place, or the bad place. You are a forest ranger searching for a missing hiker. Play in browser.

That means that the cost of the game in some countries is higher or lower than $15USD based on the country/economy (and I trust Steam to set a fair relative price). Last page.

Ludum Dare entry page. Itch.io does not have regional pricing, so it's the same in all countries.

In this 2 player game staring Blanche and Merguez, you will have to survive on the barbecue grill. On itch.io, you can play only simple online version. Jedi Training Simulator. It's rather a silly joke than a game but I …

Siren Head is a short interactive scene featuring a creature designed by Trevor Henderson @slimyswampghost. I started with this game jam submission about a year ago and now the full 2.5 hour experience is on Steam! Demo of new PC version is finally here. Discord. Download here.

This game was developed for Ludum Dare 31 in 48 hours.

Check our social networks: Facebook. So I'm taking the premise and spending a lot of time to make something new with it. Awarded one of Zoe Quinn's Top 10 Games of 2014. Seven Days in Purgatory. Examine clues and follow the trail to uncover their fate. My first 3D game I actually built!

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