This map was created by a user. You can see the trail by downloading the Iceland map on Maps.Me (a fantastic offline maps app! Offline Google Maps in Iceland is part of the Whose Land? Report inappropriate content . 360 Hotel & Thermal Baths, Hotel Grimsborgir - Your Golden Circle Retreat, and Hotel Selfoss & Spa in Golden Circle have received great reviews for the views from their hotel rooms. Aug 4, 2013 - Map of the Golden Circle Tour (Google Maps) Stay safe and healthy. Help. You can choose from either a map background or aerial photos. Learn how to create your own. It is sometimes referred to as “The Golden Triangle,” as it features three stunningly beautiful locations: an extremely powerful waterfall, a geyser which erupts frequently, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Map Of The Golden Circle, Iceland: 4 Places You Must-See Iceland is known as the Land of Ice and Fire, and for good reason. It is the area that contains most tours and travel-related activities in Iceland.
After our run in with the rental car people, we managed to find our way to the hotel using common sense and street signs. My TMobile crapped out on my when we left Reykjavik but Yeison bought a Siminn sim card and the data was very fast and we had service pretty much everywhere on the Ring Road and Golden Circle. 11. Iceland Map Golden Circle Iceland: Your Guide to the Perfect Golden Circle Iceland Tour. The Golden Circle is the most popular attraction in Iceland with its waterfalls, geysers and its beautiful national park (Thingvellir). Either jump in your car and drive around or start from Reykjavik on one of the many Golden Circle Tours. Route map and highlights of Iceland's Golden Circle. One of the most popular scenic routes in Iceland is the Golden Circle. ).

Scroll down to look at our Golden Circle Self Drive Map. The Golden Circle is a region in South Iceland. The Golden Circle is certainly one of Iceland’s most beloved tourist routes. Golden Circle Map (Easy save to Google Maps) Driving the Golden Circle is a piece of cake if you know where you’re going. Driving on your own is pretty easy but roads … The Golden Circle is a popular scenic driving route in Iceland famous for touching on some of Iceland’s most famous and iconic sites: Thingvellir National Park, Geysir and Gullfoss waterfall.

Lucky for you dear reader, you can now easily view and save our Golden Circle Map straight to your phone. Get ready for a sublime day in the heart of Iceland!
You want to show your friends and family how travel-savvy you are so when they suggest you add the Golden Circle to your Iceland itinerary, you nod in agreement while you … Terms; Create new map. Iceland Trip Report which covers the following cities: Baltimore, Maryland Reykjavik, Iceland Here is the Picture Preview. The Golden Circle (Icelandic: Gullni hringurinn) is a tourist route in southern Iceland, covering about 300 kilometres (190 mi) looping from Reykjavík into the southern uplands of Iceland and back. You can see the trail by downloading the Iceland map on Maps.Me (a fantastic offline maps app! We will pick you up in Reykjavík and drive the scenic route of the must-see Golden Circle.You will visit the beautiful National Park Thingvellir, the active geothermal area of Geysir, and Gullfoss, one of the most beautiful and powerful waterfalls in Iceland. These include waterfalls, geothermal activity, spas, volcano craters and even a UNESCO world heritage site!

This is a fantastic introduction to the country, and it lets you see many of the natural wonders that Iceland has to offer.

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