I've read that she was regularly adorned in blue clothing with a serpent/snake around her. Hygeia, the glorious Greco Goddess of alchemical healing and sacred sexuality. The Symbols of the Greek Mythology The Bowl of Hygeia.

Her symbol is of two serpents en-coiled together and rising.

"Health." This symbol is recognized as an international symbol of pharmacy. The cult of Hygeia started in Athens in the 600s BCE, in connection with the cult of Athene, goddess of wisdom and purity.

In Greek mythology, Hygeia was the daughter and assistant of Aesculapius (sometimes spelled Asklepios), the God of Medicine and Healing.

Hygeia was often pictured holding a cup, (a kylix, or wine-cup), with a snake coiled about her body or arm. The snakes were originally related to Medicine and it is known the use of snake’s poison as a remedy in ancient Greece. Hygieia Goddess of good health, cleanliness, and sanitation. Worshipping Hygeia?

Many statues and monuments depict the Greek goddess Hygieia holding a patera (medicine bowl) with a snake tamely coiling around her and about to eat from the bowl. Name: Hygeia Pronunciation: Coming soon Alternative names: HYGIEIA. Good/Evil Rating: Unknown at present Popularity index: 684

The bowl of Hygeia is a modern emblem for pharmacy, used interchangeably with the Rx symbol. Hygeia – Greek Goddess of Health – “Official Symbol was a Large Water Basin and a Snake.” “Hygeia was the ancient Greek goddess of health.

The serpent is the symbol of resurrection and regeneration (Pluto), the restoration to good health. The following is a direct quote from Wikipedia regarding Hygeia, taken … Hygeia’s cup may have been an early inspiration for grail stories. The Bowl of Hygeia is a symbol that is used by pharmaceutical companies. She gave her name to the philosophy of hygiene. She can release us of our heaviness, of our rubble, of our grief, despair and sadness. It is a combination of symbols representing Aesculapius, the god of medicine, and his daughter and helper, Hygeia. The serpent is a symbol of resurrection; the cup, medicine.

Hygeia Facts and Figures. Contact with a God or Goddess begins by speaking their name.

Hygieia was the Greek goddess of health. Consequently, Hygeia is a goddess of and symbol of holistic wellbeing, self-empowerment, purification and healing if she is in positive placements in one’s horoscope. Hygieia was one of the daughters of Asclepius, 1 and granddaughter of Apollo.In one of the Orphic hymns 2 she is called the wife of Asclepius; and Proclus 3 makes her a daughter of Eros and Peitho.Hygieia played an important role in the cult of Asclepius as a giver of health. The goddess Hygeia was the daughter of Asklepios, the god of healing and medicine. She is not only the Goddess of “healing” but she is also the Goddess of “the prevention of disease and consistent good health”.

Hygeia's classical symbol was a bowl containing a medicinal potion with the serpent of Wisdom (or guardianship) partaking it. In Greek mythology, Hygeia was the daughter and assistant of Aesculapius, who was the god of healing and medicine.

I've recently been approached by Hygeia and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with her here. which states: The symbol comes from an ancient Greece legend.

Hygeia’s bowl is the mixing bowl of the apothecary (pharmacist) containing healing potions, with the serpent of Wisdom drinking from it. Bowl of Hygieia is one of the symbols of pharmacy. Hygeia is where we received the concept of good hygiene. The Bowl of Hygeia, a bowl with a serpent entwined, traces back to portrayals of the Greek goddess, Hygeia, daughter of Asklepios, god of medicine, and his frequent companion on healing missions. The serpent is a symbol of resurrection; the cup, medicine.

Symbol of healing and health.

It was first used on a coin in 1796. Athena is also the goddess of wisdom and thus a logical connection. Gender: Female Type: Goddess Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present. Some view the bowl of hygieia and her snake as a symbol of living in harmony with mother earth. The classic logo features a bowl containing a medicinal potion with the serpent of wisdom guarding it. How to Contact a God or Goddess. In charge of: Good Health Area of expertise: Good Health. Symbols, colors, offerings? In Hygeia’s iconography we generally see a virgin dressed in a long robe, holding a snake, which is drinking from a bowl. The Bowl of Hygeia has become the international symbol of pharmacy in the same way the Staff of Asklepios has for medicine.

This Bowl is full of water, a symbol of healing and physical wellness in many cultures.

She also had a brother, Telesphorus, by whom she was always accompanied. Bell adds that Hygieia is mainly the goddess of physical health, but that her function also includes mental health and that she also can be associated with Athena Hygieia.

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