How to say whiny.

Learn more.

Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. 1. whiny pronunciation. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Pronunciation of whinny found 9 audio voices, 2 Sentences and 11 Synonyms for whinny. From 31 March 2020, YouTube services in the UK will be provided by Google LLC Learn more. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. How to use whinny in a sentence. How to say whiny. How do you say whinny in English? a : having a high-pitched, shrill or plaintive quality a whiny voice "So What'cha Want," despite its jittery organ, whiny guitar, and distorted vocals, turned out to be one of the least …

How to say whinny. Whinny definition is - to neigh especially in a low or gentle way. Learn more.

How to pronounce whinny.

How to say whinny. Learn more. 1.They're Kind Of Filed Away In My Brain Alongside Placebo, whiny Miserabilist Indie Tripe With Vaguely Goth Leanings. How to pronounce whiny. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Definition of whiny. A whiny person likes to whine or complain in a high pitched voice. This video shows you How To Pronounce Whiny Share this video . This video shows you how to pronounce Whiny. whinny pronunciation. If you know the Translate of this word, share it.

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