He smells like sweat mixed with rum and gun powder. 1 decade ago. His clothes, torn by many fights, are …

An essay or paper on Edward Drummond as"Blackbeard": Braided into Pigtails. Blackbeard, Edward Teach, Blackbeard the Pirate Interesting facts about Edward Teach, named Blackbeard - Blackbeard was always well-armed with three braces of cocked and primed pistols, daggers, and two cutlasses. Blackbeard could be called North Carolina"s own pirate because he frequented this area in refuge. The booty 'nd the gold be mine 'nd the rum of course is surely fine. Me pirate fleet is on it's way. - It is said that he had around 14 wives; weddings aboard ship were common. Born Edward Drummond, he operated off the East coast of North America between 1714-1718.

He wears a very black beard and a layer of fat on his chest.

Edward Teach is a tall thin man. 6 Answers. "Avast, me hearties! Rather than report the pirates to the North Carolina governor who they knew to be friendly with Blackbeard, the landowners reported the hideout to the governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood, who hated pirates because of their attacks on Virginia shipping.
He is not a macho and poseur as are many characters in 99% of books.

Apart from captain Johnson (Daniel Defoe) who tended to romanticize his books no book depicts the imposing stature of Blackbeard. Many of the attacks were perpetrated by Blackbeard and his men. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Chill yer blood an shiver yer bones: ere comes the dreaded Mister Edward Drummond..." See? im_smart. With his face wreathed in smoke and flame from the fuses used to fire off cannon he was the Alice Cooper of his day.

Answer Save. According to all accounts his name was originally Edward Drummond, and he began his career as an honest seaman, sailing out of … I be Captain!

His original name was Edward Drummond and he began his career sailing out of his home port of Bristol, England.

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A hoard of scary, hairy pirates prepare to come aboard. The Blackbeard name was really the way to go.

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It took 5 musket balls and 20 cutlass slashes to bring him down. Lets face it; Blackbeard is a way cooler name for a pirate. His body is never clean.

A lone voice rings out against the sound of rifles and canon. Blackbeard The Pirate Comments: Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach was one of the most famous pirates history has ever known, yet his origin is obscure. Get out of my way!. Relevance. After he became a pirate he changed his name to Edward Teach, which is the name that mos Picture this: a massive ship pulls alongside yours. Ahoy! - He once had himself and several crewmembers locked in the hold with burning pots of brimstone to see … Ahoy! Aug 9, 2016 - Here be me pirate board where the salty wenches 'nd sea dogs ye shall find. It looks like you've lost connection to our server.

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