Now YOUR podcast can stand out with its own unique, catchy musical themes composed exclusively for your show!

Podcast intro + 10 drops selling your show, podcast or name - $100 – Up to 90 seconds of audio and podcast music – incredible value. How To Create a Podcast Intro Your Listeners Will Love “Hey there! My name is Joe Schmo, and you’re listening to the Joe Schmo podcast…” Creating a high-quality podcast intro is an excellent way to introduce yourself and your podcast to new listeners and delight your loyal subscribers simultaneously. Before you proceed, make sure you are using music that does not violate copyright. PODCAST INTROS. Blubrry Podcast Hosting and Pro Podcast Statistics can provide any Podsafe Music Podcast a great place to host your media WordPress site included.. Music in podcasts and copyright Posted by Izabela Russell. Podcast + 5 drops selling your show, podcast or name - $75 Up to 60 seconds audio and podcast music– ten times the value and quality of any of our rivals. We have gathered together our best talent and came up with completely free podcast intros with our top talent and very best royalty free music. Podsafe music for your podcast is critical. Podcast Editing; Podcast Show Notes Service; Podcast Cover Art – Stand Out! Podcast Training: DIY or Personal, YOUR CHOICE! Another big advantage is the music is typically completely original and will not be used on any other podcast.

Background music and intro music sets the stage and theme for your project, notifies the listener when segments are transitioning, and adds entertainments value that turns listeners on to new music. We’ve made it simple for you to craft a professional Podcast Intro Package in just a few simple steps right here on site. A little bit of music could take your podcast to the next level of entertainment. Custom Podcast Music; Podcast Voiceover; Our Lead Magnet Service; Podcast Consulting; Podcast Launch: Start Your Podcast Off Right; Our Courses. Don’t settle on average and if your budget is tight at the start make sure to only use top quality podcast intro. Try out our easy 4-Step process for yourself for free right now – and get creating! Make a great first impression with your Podcast and leave a lasting one. Custom Podcast Music. Even if your content is really good and exciting, a lack of music could turn people off. Carey Green on 79: The 2017-2018 List of Podcast Directories Your Podcast MUST Be Listed In; insightscare on 75: How High Quality Backlinks Can Get You More Podcast Listeners; Daleyne Guay on 79: The 2017-2018 List of Podcast Directories Your Podcast MUST Be Listed In; ashutosh on 75: How High Quality Backlinks Can Get You More Podcast Listeners

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