Many 11m operators do not correctly understand the term DX. The Civil Air Patrol, part of the U.S.A.F., is assigned 26.620 MHz, although now the CAP uses VHF frequencies more often. If you QSY from 27.555 to 27.560 or 27.565 and your signal is 9+ in all Europe, you're creating splatter to many listeners of the call frequency. What Are CB Radio Frequencies & CB Radio Channels? The idea that there are queues of people waiting for it to be legal is a dream. ! CB and ham users with modified equipment often use frequencies 27.575 and 27.585 illegally, as well as frequencies from 26.480 to 26.960, which belong to the U.S. military. v) CB is not a substitute for the 999 service or marine distress and calling channels.
Here in this list, we document the best and most common Single SideBand (SSB, USB, LSB) Freeband frequencies useful for Survivalists. vi) Before you transmit, listen with the "Squelch" control turned fully down (i.e. background noise at a maximum). At these frequencies, you there are different channels (only 40) with different purposes, that are open or closed. The CB radio frequencies are distributed in a range of 27 MHz. Signaling requires a specific area. 11 Meter International calling frequency for most Freebanders is 27.555 mhz usb If anyone wanted to be using SSB, they are. New style 10m radios (28 MHz-29.7 MHz) with AM/FM/SSB that can be easily modified to cover 25 MHz to 30 MHz (usually) and some even have a built in frequency counter and power output sometimes greater than 100w. If somebody is calling a targeted CQ (CQ Outside of Europe, CQ Germany, CQ DX) only answer the call if you're in the targeted area. 25 MHz – 30 MHz of course includes the legal EU and 27/81 frequencies as … Legal SSB on mids will make no difference to the total CB users.

We cover mainly SSB because it is by far the best method. Freeband frequencies around 27 MHz CB have been widely used by thousands and thousands of freebanders worldwide over the past 40+ years. The frequency is the range of waves in which the signal passes. Other products … There is no official organisation monitoring CB, and there may not always be a “local volunteer” monitor listening. There may be a few who buy a legal 40 channel AM/FM/SSB rig cos they are 100% legit people, but they are not going to make much of a dent. RANGE : The usable range on a 'standard' CB on FM is around 4-7 miles vehicle-to-vehicle and upto 10-15 miles base-to-base with big aerials... SSB is MUCH more efficient than FM in terms of range ... the permitted output for SSB is also much higher - 12w compared to the 4w allowed for FM - this means you get a usable vehicle-to-vehicle range of upto 15-30 miles and maybe double that base-to-base ! UK Based Suppliers of CB Radio, Amateur Radio and Shortwave Radios.

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