The music for the song can be heard in several computer games. Trivia . / A clue, a clue! Post Time Season 1 Blue Wants To Play A Song Game If you're happy and you know it wave your flag Steve's late season 1 hair is shown again Rain Spider Steve (The Lost Episode!) In season 6, it was replaced by The Goodbye Song, that Joe sings during the final season of Blue's Clues. [Chorus] C G Blue's clues, Blue's clues!

Lyrics. [Verse 2] G We gotta find another pawprint, D That's the second clue D We put it in our notebook, A D Now what do we do? and I'm So Happy!. This song is sang when someone losses something, featured in The Lost Episode! It is sung whenever a game of Blue's Clues starts and explains how to play it. Blue's Clues Theme Song (Album Version) Lyrics: Come on in / Bow bow bow / What did you say? Go back, go back, go back, Go back to where you were! / We see a clue! Blue/The Viewer (I'm So Happy!) The So Long Song (The Farewell Song in the UK version) is a song from Blue's Clues and Blue's Clues & You that is sung at the end of every episode from seasons 1-5. Characters Singing. [Chorus] C G Blue's clues, Blue's clues! From the otiginal theme song [Verse 1] G We gotta find a pawprint, D That's the first clue D We put it in our notebook, A D And now what do we do? Here it is! / You see a clue? / Another Blue's Clues day, hooray! Sun Steve's late season 1 hair is shown Steve that's gross Mailtime US Version.

Play Blue's Clues, also known as the Blue's Clues Theme Song, is a song featured for each episode with the exception of 100th Episode Celebration, Blue's First Holiday, The Legend of the Blue Puppy & Skidoo Adventure.

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