The cumulative size distribution of boulders larger than 5 m has a power-index of −2.65 ± 0.05, which is comparatively shallow compared with other asteroids visited by spacecraft. A ship warping to an asteroid belt's beacon (through the right-click menu or the overview) will warp to the center of the semicircle. Several dozen asteroids are a few hundred miles in diameter. It is not yet clear whether all M-types are compositionally similar, or whether it is a label for several varieties which do not fit neatly into the main C and S classes. The following … Within the asteroid belt, the number distribution of M-type asteroids peaks at a semi-major axis of about 2.7 AU. The size distribution suggests that the smaller Trojans may be the products of collisions by … also analyzed individual asteroid families, finding slopes α varying from 0.37 to 1.04 at the bright end and α from 0.1 to 0.62 at the faint end. analyzed the size distribution for ~1000 small asteroids from SMBAS (Subaru Main Belt Asteroid Survey). These belts are listed on the overview and the right-click menu, and always have the same geometry: a rough semicircle of asteroids, approximately 50 km in diameter. Ceres is about 600 miles (1000 km) in diameter. Most asteroids are very small; but because they are small, they don't have much mass -- all the mass is in the big ones. Nothing is known about the masses of the smaller Jupiter trojans.

Table of Approximate Asteroid Diameters for a range of H and Albedo values. Hundreds are tens of miles in diameter. Within the 4.4–40 km range the Jupiter trojans' size distribution resembles that of the main-belt asteroids. Asteroid Size and Mass Distribution. Thousands are a few miles in diameter.

Parker et al. Yoshida et al.

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