Read on to learn the proper form to perform a lunge. You've probably heard that lunges are bad for you knees or that if you have an injured knee you shouldn't do lunges.
If you fail to step far enough, you place shearing forces on the knee. If you have cringed at Figure 2 above, you have likely fallen prey to one of the biggest culprits in the right/wrong circle—the common cue that you should NEVER be in the knees over toes position when doing squats and lunges.. Will your knees explode if you do one?

There's a strong correlation between the ability to perform eyes-closed lunges, body mechanics, motor control, and injury prevention. It is theorized that bad things will happen to your knees if they do. Striking a balance seems tough due to the lack of exactness in how far you lunge plus the instability. The truth is that (depending on your particular circumstance) lunges are one of the most effective body weight exercises we can perform to help strengthen the knees and hips.

In this episode, I’m diving deep into the anatomy of the knee so you can make an informed decision about deep lunging and if it’s right for you. You may already know how great squats and lunges are for strengthening your lower body (and let’s face it, giving your behind a little lift). Depends on your anthropometry (leg lengths) and the articulation of the (your) hip joint. But word on the street is all that body-lowering action isn’t doing your knees any favors. Very tough question - why?

While jumping lunges are an excellent way to shape the legs and backside, they can be a bit hard on the knees — especially if you have bad knees to begin with, or you're on the mend from an injury. You’ve probably heard that you should never let your front knee go past your toes in a lunge, but there’s a better cue to get the same form-fixing outcome: Start your lunges with your back foot farther away from your front foot than you normally would. Your Knees CAN Go Past Your Toes. You’ll automatically find that you aren’t getting bunched up and compromising your form. Look up Charles Poliquins (RIP) advice on the lunge.

Eventually you should be capable of doing at least 50% of your bodyweight during eyes-closed lunges. 17 – Close Your Eyes. You may also step with your feet too close together horizontally. - It depends (it’s conditional).

Are deep lunges bad for your knees? If you lunge too far, the hip bares too much of the load. If you're unable to do this, then your lunge mechanics are most likely amiss.

A little bit every day is enough to maintain your body so you can forget about soreness, tension and pain.

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