As I mentioned, the Ostron Standing has a particular functioning, and there is several options to get Standing Points, among them, it can be said that stands out one over the rest.. I was thinking of just trying to farm a bunch of standing every week during the unvaulting and then redeem it during weekends and farm. - "Warframe 2020" is the title of this thread, looking at the game from a new player's perspective.

share. Operation: Plague Star is a recurring event introduced Update 22.3, where players are tasked to destroy an Infested meteorite that crashes in the Plains of Eidolon, with its passengers threatening to overwhelm both Ostron and Grineer alike.

4.9k. Cetus Wisps are odd beings found hovering on the edge of most bodies of water in the Plains of Eidolon, and are also purchasable from The Quills for 2,000 (with max Standing), or during Operation: Plague Star from Operational Supply for 750+ 1,500. On the PC build, the event originally began on November 15, 2017 and ran until November 27, 2017.. The Second Dream should be a requirement to enter Cetus and Fortuna (Warframe story Revisited - Part 2). Cetus Wisps are generally found on the banks of Gara Toht Lake and the smaller pools of landlocked water. level 1. The fact still stand, regardless of how easy you think it is right now as a veteran, new players still have the same problems you lot had, just now it's in a different flavor. 4 months ago. I don't wanna be disrespectful, but I couldn't care less how it was back in the days. The most efficient way to get Ostron Standing Points is simple, Fishing.Yes Tenno, fishing is the fastest way. To farm Iradite fast, head for Cetus, set your group to Solo, and get the highest level Bounty from Konzu. Eidolons. Run Adaro with a savage silence banshee and y … Should I just be doing syndicate missions and hope they arent defense missions? 217 comments.

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