3. tv.

So, what does it all mean? Buzz me about noon. Moreover, all vendors love to throw buzz words around to create the next big thing. There are product introductions almost every month from all kinds of vendors (software, hardware, services, cloud etc). According to this sentence, do super-smartphones belong to tablet computers? Buzz definition: If something buzzes or buzzes somewhere , it makes a long continuous sound, like the... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples I’ll buzz my secretary. To make a low droning or vibrating sound like that of a bee.

The IT industry is as we all know a fast paced and ever-changing industry. Here’s a little joke that’ll give you a buzz… to signal someone with a buzzer. (see also jingle.) 4. n. a thrill. I got a real buzz out of that. Learn more. Here is the sentence: "For all the buzz about tablet computers, the hottest category among small digital devices remains the super-smartphones, those pocket-size, touch-screen computers for running apps." buzz 1. n. a call on the telephone. Learn more.

5. n. a chuckle. 2. tv. I’ll give you a buzz tomorrow. to call someone on the telephone.

What does "all the buzz" mean?
es v. intr. 1. buzz definition: 1. to make a continuous, low sound such as the one a bee makes: 2. to press a buzzer in order to…. buzz meaning: 1. to make a continuous, low sound such as the one a bee makes: 2. to press a buzzer in order to…. ‘You buzz along, but around clouds and large island landmasses, it feels as though you are being dangled on a piece of string, jerked by an unseen, teasing hand on the updraughts and winds.’ ‘Meanwhile, the man, buzzing along on cigarettes and coffee, is also mapping his immortality on the World Wide Web.’

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