It’s a national pastime. The Platform's ending could be considered a fitting final moment, if not for the much-posited questions it leaves unanswered and those it creates by the end as well. Regina George is the main antagonist of the movie and musical Mean Girls and leader of The Plastics.She is portrayed by Rachel McAdams in the movie and Taylor Louderman in the musical.. Regina is intelligent, manipulative, and capable of doing everything in her power to get what she wants. Released around the time of the film's DVD release, the soundtrack to Mean Girls is nearly as sharp and knowing as the movie is. In a wasteland of dumb movies about teenagers, "Mean Girls" is a smart and funny one. April is already shaping up to be a very "Mean Girls"-saturated month, as the beloved film marks its 10-year anniversary. Quoting Mean Girls isn’t just a sport. Mean Girls dissects high school society with a lot of observant detail, which seems surprisingly well-informed. It even contains some wisdom, although I hesitate to mention that lest I scare off its target audience. Aug 08, 2014.

Though Mean Girls shows some ambition, it ultimately sticks to the cliches. Mean Girls. Just as we here at HuffPost Entertainment already caught up with some of our favorite characters, Cosmopolitan chatted with actor Daniel Franzese, who revealed that the original script had what sounds like an absolutely terrible ending: Mean Girls. Synopsis: Cady Heron is a hit with The Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new school, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, ... Alternate Ending was formed when three friends realized they all shared a passion for movies. Dann M Super Reviewer. Mean Girls is how we make sense of the world, giving the chaos of the universe a recognizable template by which to understand it. The bulk of the songs tie into the movie's mostly witty dissection of how high-school girls jockey for position in the social food chain, and the complex mix of admiration, emulation, and jealousy in their friendships.

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