The congregation grew, and in 1722 a new building was erected with the cost of £2000 being born by businessman and philanthropist, Moses Hart. 7-11 Greatorex Street, the former Great Garden Street Synagogue with Morris Lederman House (now a Business Development Centre) Contributed by Survey of London on March 29, 2017. Greatorex Street is named after the Rev. The earliest Ashkenazi synagogue constructed in London after the return of Jews to England in the 17th century was built about 1690 at Duke's Place, north of Aldgate.In 1696-7, the synagogue also acquired a burial ground, at Alderney Road.. History. Daniel Greatorex, the vicar of St Paul’s Dock Street in the late nineteenth century. The Great Synagogue of London was, for centuries, the centre of Ashkenazi synagogue and Jewish life in London.

GENUKI identifies several Jewish resources … Online Records [edit | edit source]. Marriages at Bevis Marks Synagogue (1766-1837) and the Great Synagogue (1791-1837) are indexed in Webb's London Marriages at British Origins (£). A stone plaque on the west wall of the building records its construction at the expense of two donors. The Great German Synagogue was built in 1528 by members of the local Ashkenazi community. It was destroyed during World War II, in the Blitz.The earliest Ashkenazi synagogue constructed in London after the return of Jews to England in the 17th century was built about 1690 at Duke's Place, north of Aldgate. Wikipedia contributors have compiled a list of London synagogues. The Knowles Collection (available online) reconstructs the families of many historic London Jews.
Our service is a lovely mixture of traditional and contemporary, where we try to find a happy medium to suit our congregation. in 1696/7 the synagogue also acquire a burial ground, at Alderney Road.
Learn about service times at The Great Synagogue. History.

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